Animal Calls of Africa

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The Animal Calls of Africa app is taken from the popular Animal Calls of Africa CD. It includes 40 calls of wildlife and conspicuous birds found in Africa including the BIG 5. Compiled by Alan Reid.

The track listing: Baboon, Chacma Bat, Peters' Epauletted Bat-Eared fox Buffalo Bushbaby, Lesser Bushbaby, Thick-Tailed Bushbuck Elephant Fish Eagle Flamingo, Greater Genet, Large-Spotted Guineafowl, Helmeted Hadeda Ibis Hippopotamus Hornbill, Ground Hornbill, Trumpeter Hyaena, Spotted Hyrax, Cape Rock Impala Jackal, Black-Backed Jackal, Side-Striped Klipspringer Kudu Leopard (Interaction With Kudu) Lion Lourie, Grey Mongoose, Banded Monkey, Samango Monkey, Vervet Ostrich Reedbuck Rhebok, Grey Rhinoceros, White Secretarybird Springbok Squirrel, Red (Ngoye Forest) Squirrel, Tree Suricate Wildebeest, Blue Zebra, Burchell's