The Beginner's Guide to Bird Calls of Southern Africa

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Features 99 bird calls taken from the Len Gillard Collection of Southern African Bird Calls. Afrikaans names included. Compiled by Alan Reid.

Track listing: Hadeda Ibis White-faced Duck Egyptian Goose African Fish Eagle Coqui Francolin Crested Francolin Natal Spurfowl Swainson's Spurfowl Harlequin Quail Helmeted Guineafowl Black Crake Red-chested Flufftail Buff-spotted Flufftail Red-chested Korhaan Black-bellied Korhaan Crowned Lapwing Blacksmith Lapwing Common Greenshank African Snipe Spotted Thick-knee Water Thick-knee Red-eyed Dove Cape Turtle Dove Laughing Dove Emerald-spotted Wood Dove African Green Pigeon Brown-headed Parrot Knysna Turaco Purple-crested Turaco Grey Go-away-bird Red-chested Cuckoo Black Cuckoo Jacobin Cuckoo African Emerald Cuckoo Klaas's Cuckoo Diderick Cuckoo Burchell's Coucal Barn Owl African Wood Owl Marsh Owl African Scops Owl Southern White-faced Scops-Owl Pearl-spotted Owl Spotted Eagle Owl Verreaux's Eagle-Owl Fiery-necked Nightjar Rufous-cheecked Nightjar Freckled Nightjar Square-tailed Nightjar Woodland Kingfisher Brown-hooded Kingfisher African Hoopoe Green Wood-Hoopoe Trumpeter Hornbill African Grey Hornbill Southern Red-billed Hornbill Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill Southern Ground-Hornbill Black-collared Barbet Acacia Pied Barbet Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird Crested Barbet Greater Honeyguide Golden-tailed Woodpecker Cardinal Woodpecker Bearded Woodpecker Monotonous Lark Rufous-naped Lark Clapper Lark Flappet Lark Black-headed Oriole Arrow-marked Babbler Southern Pied Babbler Dark-capped Bulbul Sombre Greenbul Chorister Robin-Chat White-browed Robin-Chat Lesser Swamp Warbler Little Rush-Warbler Bleating Warbler Zitting Cisticola Rattling Cisticola Chinspot Batis Southern Boubou Crimson-breasted Shrike Black-backed Puffback Brubru Brown-crowned Tchagra Black-crowned Tchagra Bokmakierie Gorgeous Bush-Shrike Orange-breasted Bush-Shrike Olive Bush-Shrike Grey-headed Bush-Shrike Cape Glossy Starling Malachite Sunbird Marico Sunbird White-bellied Sunbird Amethyst Sunbird