Stuarts North American Mammals

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Product Details

Stuarts North America Mammals is a new and comprehensive app authored by mammal experts Chris and Mathilde Stuart. The app will enhance any field trips into the wild and covers Canada, USA and Mexico. 

The can be enjoyed by all wildlife enthusiasts from beginners to experts.

● Covers large and small mammals in the region.
● Well-researched, extensive text for each species.
● Easily swipe between species.
● Thousands of photos, illustrations and maps.
● Calls and videos for select species.
● Select a region within a country to only show species found there.
● Key ID pointers for each species.
● Compare two species side-by-side.
● Includes English, Spanish, French, German and Scientific names.
● A personal record of mammal sightings that can be exported using email. 
● No in-app purchases or advertising.

The authors
Chris and Mathilde Stuart have authored a range of wildlife and conservation books, as well as scientific papers and popular articles. They have also published other mammal apps.