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Friday, July 20, 2018
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view Do I have to have an iPhone to run this, or will it work on iPod touch ?
view Will the app work on iPad ?
view Do I have to buy a separate copy for my iPad ?
view If I purchase the Sibley app, and then get a new phone, can I install it on a new iPhone ?
view I can’t get the audio to play more than once. The song plays and then it doesn’t respond to tapping after that.
view Suddenly the songs will not play. It worked fine before but now there is no sound?
view If I purchase Sibley for my Android, can I install it on a new Android phone ?
view I just purchased and downloaded the app. All I have is an ERROR message…”no such table: Resources; while compiling: SELECT COUNT(filename) FROM [Resources} Help!!!
view The Android app worked well at home, but when I took it into the field, where my phone cannot connect to the network, I got a message saying something to the effect that the app couldn’t verify my license, and it wouldn’t start.
view Will this work on my phone ? Is there a version of the app for Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPad, NetBook, Kindle, etc. ?
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