Sibley Guide to Hummingbirds

A comprehensive guide to hummingbirds of of North America.

The Sibley Guide to Hummingbirds app is a comprehensive guide to 19 North American Hummingbird species. All the detailed hummingbird artwork from David Sibley's Guide to Birds Second Edition is included as well as thorough descriptions and distribution maps.

Features include:
• An easy to navigate menu system.
• A grid view with large thumbnails.
• Display species names in English, French, Spanish and Latin (Scientific).
• Search on banding code to quickly find a species.
• Calls/songs covering most species.
• Compare 2 species side by side.
• Apply a location (US State or Canadian Province) to narrow down the list of birds.
• When a location has been selected, a status icon will appear next to each species in that location indicating whether it is Common, Uncommon, Scarce, Rare or Vagrant.
• Detailed information in the species description including location status by month.
• A similar species feature which shows all related birds.
• A vastly improved Smart Search with refined search criteria: Status and by month (when a location is selected), Bird habits, Bird Type, Bird Size, Body Shape, Color and Pattern.
• Keep a personal list (My List) of species seen with online backup to Google Drive.
• Sort My List taxonomically.

This app contains a very small selection of the full range of species (over 930) found in the Sibley Guide 2nd Edition app, which can be purchased on the Google Play Store here: