Sasol eBirds: Kruger Park

An interactive version of the Sasol Birds of Southern Africa field guide.

The Sasol eBirds of the Kruger National Park is a subset of the Sasol eBirds of Southern Africa which is an interactive version of the best-selling Sasol Birds of Southern Africa field guide. This application has specific features that will enhance your birding experience.

● Images, distribution maps and text descriptions of over 500 bird species found in the park including residents, visitors and vagrants.
● Over 1700 photographs covering most species.
● Audible calls for over most of the species.
● A "Smart Search" that allows you to easily identify a bird using beak shape, bird size, bird colour and status (resident, vagrant etc).
● You can select a region of the park, so that the lists of birds throughout the app display only the birds in your region.
● "Bird Compare" allows you to compare two birds side by side on the same screen (including calls, illustrations, descriptions and photographs).
● A personal bird list that stores your bird sightings (including GPS location) saved to the device and can be exported to your storage card and email.
● View the Bird Index by English, Afrikaans or Scientific bird names.
● Swipe to move to the next or previous species.

* Uninstalling the app will result in the loss of your app data and will require a full download upon re-install.
* Uninstalling the app will also result in the loss of your bird list. It is recommended that you keep your own backup (export) separate from the program.

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